Minister’s Message

A Message from Minister Lance Smith

Quite often, we as Christians are challenged about attending Church on a regular basis. The societal pressure is to NOT frequent church. It is almost as if attending church is not “cool.” Yet most people would like some form of church affiliation, if it wasn’t for the attendance factor.

As I have stated a few times in church, attending church may not make one a better Christian or even insure a better seat in heaven for the eternal potlucks, but attending church does allow one to focus their attention upward and beyond and outside of themselves. Very seldom during our normal work week environment and duties do we enjoy such a break where we can lock out the pressures of our ordinary day.

During these busy and real world days of personal challenge it can seem almost impossible to sneak in a prayer or two or even find time to sit down, relax and even just unwind and breathe. Church affords the set-aside time for personal reflection and quiet thoughtful prayer that we might otherwise not find The value of gathering with other like-minded folks is also a positive reinforcement. The time allows us to concentrate on our spiritual life (if only for an hour) and can serve to bring a peace and quiet to our souls that can help us as we encounter another busy and stress-filled week.

And we should be willing to share this experience with others as well. Feel free to invite your friends to join us for a few precious moments of relaxation and focus and let them know how much you enjoy the experience and what it means to you. You don’t have to hit them over the head with it or attempt to convert them, just ask them to join us some Sunday and to share what we are doing. They may well enjoy their time here and the warmth of a group of friends and neighbors who can really care about them. I think everyone could use a few more of those.


We have a wonderful church with caring and loving members and we welcome all denominations of Christians who wish to share our worship with us. That’s just who we are and we would love to share our special place and relationships with everyone who may be seeking such a loving spirit home. Don’t prejudge someone’s preference about attending. Open your heart to the “possibility” and then open your mouth to offer a kind and welcoming invitation to “visit” us Sundays.